Investment Management

TTC Investment Committee

At The Trust Company, our only allegiance is to you. We are independent and fee-only, which means we're not in the business of selling products. Instead, we choose from many investment strategies to help you meet your goals. Whether you’d like some guidance with financial planning, would like to learn more about setting up retirement plans for your employees, or need help with foundation or endowment management for your nonprofit, we will provide unbiased expertise.

We actively manage your money and make decisions locally, not at a distant corporate headquarters. We manage your investments individually, and we adjust your portfolio based on changing conditions. There is no “set it and forget it” with The Trust Company.

Your asset security is safeguarded in many ways. The Trust Company is regulated by the Office of the State Bank Commissioner of Kansas, and we use independent, third-party custodians as depositories for all investment securities. And those securities are protected by a $10 million blanket surety bond for each occurrence resulting in a claim, and a $4 million trust errors and omissions insurance policy.*

As independent financial advisors, we choose from many possible investment management strategies to find the one that perfectly meshes with your goals, your dreams, your peace of mind. And we do this with no commissions, no hidden fees, no surprises.

We don’t accept commissions or fees of any kind from brokerage firms, banks, life insurance companies or mutual fund families through which we invest client assets. We have no incentive to sell you a particular product. Instead, we only have an incentive to enhance the value of your portfolio, as we earn a percentage of the value of your portfolio, or a flat fee for specialized services. We’re completely transparent, which means you’ll know exactly what you’re paying, up front.

The Trust Company follows the principles prescribed by the Prudent Investor Act and Modern Portfolio Theory. We work within a disciplined framework of sound, independent financial advice, quality service and individual solutions. We focus on controlling risk exposure while seeking to achieve superior investment results over the long term.

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